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Rechargeable LED table lamp

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Rechargeable LED table lamp

Product Abstract:

* Fashion and desktop * Rechargeable battery inside

Product Description

Rechargeable LED table lamp functions:

* Fashion and desktop

* Rechargeable battery inside

* Dual power supply: DC adaptor or built-in lithium battery for option


Rechargeable LED table lamp features:

The light source adopts high power LED that with low energy consumption and high efficiency. Power: 10W.
?environmental protection:
There is no pollution, ultraviolet, infrared and thermal radiation.
?eye health:
Low-voltage constant current power supply, no flicker, no glare, wide area illumination, brightness uniformity, good visual effect. Truly make a luminous, soft, smooth, and continuous, close to natural light which is truly the ideal source.
LED lamp life is up to 50,000 hours. Use metal structures which metal texture is strong, durable.
?sufficient illumination:
In the site from a desktop lamp emitting 350-400mm conditions, the desktop luminance can reach more than 350lx.


Rechargeable LED table lamp details:

Max power: 1.8W (light source)

*LED:18pcs SMD 3014

* illuminance: >500 LUX (strong), 100lux (weak)

*Input Voltage:5V/500mA

* Battery capacity: 3.7V/600mAh

*Color Temperature: nature white:5500-6500k

* box size: 80x80x260mm, unit weight: 0.5kg

*Accessories:USB cable for charging

*Color available: white


Rechargeable LED table lamp applications:
Ideal as outdoor light, camping light, emergency light, travel lamp, students’ dormitory, etc.

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