• The smart and high-grade LED desk lamp

    The smart and high-grade LED Desk Lamp provides powerful illumination for a desk, end table, bedside table, work bench, or other surface. [View Details]
  • New Swan Flexible LED Table Lamp

    The Swan LED Table Lamp is a dimmable fitting for interior decoration. Using the very latest LED technology for the desk lamps, this fitting offers you the opportunity to use energy saving technologies with the dimming of the light by pressing a certain finger-like spot on the lower part of the fitting. [View Details]
  • New Rechargeable Mini LED Desk Lamp

    The neck of the Compact LED Desk Lamp can bend left and right, as well as up and down to direct light where you need it most. Tilt the lamp to different angles so you don’t disturb others. [View Details]

    This battery operated touch control birds night lights is one of our bestsellers, designed and manufactured by us. [View Details]
  • LED lights may lead China through the new normal

    This month I participated in the Presidential Mission to China on Smart Cities � Smart Growth, sponsored by the Commerce and Energy departments. The mission�s goal was to increase U.S. exports to China by supporting companies in launching or increasing their China business in the marketplace for smart cities and clean energy products. [View Details]
  • How LEDs in Apple Watch Heart Sensor Work

    Apple recently has revealed on its website how LEDs funtion in the Apple Watch heart rate sensors. [View Details]
  • AUO to Make 4-inch iPhone 7 Displays

    Taiwanese display manufacturer AUO has become Apple’s smartphone screen supplier for the upcoming iPhone 7c, reported UDN. According to market rumors, AUO has signed a contract with Apple to ship 4-inch smartphone displays for iPhone 7c by first quarter of 2016. This will be the first time a Taiwanese display manufacturer is sharing iPhone orders with Japanese and Korean manufacturers. [View Details]
  • BMW OLED Taillights Might Be Mass Produced By 2016 Earliest.

    OLED taillights BMW showcased in its conceptual M4 car model at CES 2015 will be making its way to new BMW M series cars by 2016, according to latest market rumors. [View Details]
  • LED Night Light Tips & Information

    They are small lighting devices that offer a great balance between enough light to move around the house in the middle of the night and too much light to keep anyone awake. The area being lit is generally very small and the amount of light emitted is usually quite dim. The perfect places to use night lights are bathrooms and bedrooms, especially a nursery or kid's room. Many children and parents derive a sense of security from their use. [View Details]
  • Troubleshooting Tips for Emergency Light Fixtures

    Problem: The emergency unit does not light up and the LED indicator does not come on in your emergency light fixture. [View Details]

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