• How to Choose a Desk Lamp

    The best desk lamp is one that complements your space and adds valuable lighting to your project area at the same time. Important features like flexibility, light-source and design can all guide you in how to choose your task lighting. [View Details]
  • Tips for Outdoor Lighting

    Guiding PrincipleThe best outdoor lights are those that cannot be seen - highlighting an architectural element, an ornamental tree, a pathway, a waterfall, or a landscape artifact without calling attention to themselves. [View Details]
  • 3 Reasons to Love Waterproof Tape Lights

    Typically electricity and water don’t play well together, but modern technology has given birth to lights that can not only get wet, but be fully submerged underwater. [View Details]
  • Top LED Chip Manufacturers Observations of LED Market Trends

    Intense market competition from Chinese manufacturers and deluge of LED suppliers on the market has made cost reducing strategies crucial for LED chip manufacturers’ survival. To cope in an increasingly low profit industry, LED chip manufacturers are developing more advanced and efficient LED chip technologies, finding cheaper chip materials, or exploring untapped niche markets. Representatives from global top LED chip manufacturers Epistar, Osram, Philips Lumileds (Lumileds), and Cree addressed these pressing issues recently at 2015 LED Executive Summit hosted by SEMI at TILS 2015, TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall. [View Details]
  • Manufacturers Remain Divided About LED Substrate Technology

    Leading LED chip industry experts had very different perspectives on GaN LED substrates at 2015 LED Executive Summit hosted by SEMI at TILS 2015 in TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall, Taipei, Taiwan recently. [View Details]
  • Are LED Outdoor Lights Bright Enough?

    We’ve all had one of those free, or next to free LED flashlights that doesn’t give off enough light to help us see anything. So naturally, you might have some doubts about trusting LED lights to illuminate you exterior, especially at night. Unlike those cheap flashlights, LED outdoor lights – like floodlights, step lights, and landscape lights – are created for important outdoor use. So, they’ll generate enough light to brighten your stairs, driveways, porches, paths, and yards, just like any other outdoor lights. [View Details]
  • Trade Show Exhibit Bound? Pack Portable Display Lights

    Display lighting makes your exhibit more alluring. That doesn't mean it needs to make your exhibit more complicated. Trade show displays are temporary by definition, and it’s frustrating to plan for an entire complicated setup that you know will soon be disassembled. So, why not make it easier on yourself and avoid display lights that are as much of a pain to install as they are to take down? This guide will help you choose a portable display light that you can use again and again. [View Details]
  • New LED Light Bulb Mimics Sunset to Improve Sleep

    There’s a new LED light bulb in town. And it has been designed to help you fall asleep. Here’s the premise: Before we had electric lights, we adapted our sleep patterns to the rising and setting of the sun. But these days, many of us have completely lost touch with the natural rhythms of light and darkness. We stay up until the wee hours, our faces washed in the light of a computer or tablet screen, our eyes glazed over. We wake up to alarms, feeling perpetually like we haven’t gotten enough sleep. Sound familiar? [View Details]
  • How To Use Step Lights In Indoor Spaces

    For a little more impact in a home’s foyer, or a little more safety in a dark basement, step lighting can help. This blog post will help you learn how to light an indoor staircase, what lights you should choose for your project and how to install them. [View Details]
  • Compact LED Desk Lamp

    The Compact LED Desk Lamp provides powerful illumination for a desk, end table, bedside table, work bench, or other surface. Adjustable to seven brightness levels with a flexible neck, this lamp is great for studying, working, writing, reading, relaxing, and more. [View Details]

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