• New Ultra thin Aluminum LED Table Lamp

    Made of pure aluminum alloy with perfect treatment, concise and generous design LED table lamp [View Details]
  • Flexible LED Table Lamp

    Built using light and durable ABS plastic, and finished with shinning smooth anti-scratch coating, the Desk Lamp is elegant and stylish. On the study desk, in your bedroom, or even in the office, casual or professional, it will naturally blend into the scene, and provide pleasant and comfortable lighting with a simple touch. [View Details]
  • High-brightness LED market trends and forecast, 2015

    Digitimes Research forecasts that in 2015, the global high-brightness (HB) LED industry will have annual growth of 7.5% in terms of output, reaching US$13.7 billion. The total number of LEDs used will reach 186 billion units, representing annual growth of 32.6%, out of which lighting applications will have the highest annual growth rate in terms of usage, reaching 65%. This Digitimes Research Special Report analyzes the various applications, technologies and market trends that will drive demand in 2015. [View Details]
  • Global LED lighting market to reach JPY5.5 trillion in 2020

    Global LED lighting market value reached JPY1.7 trillion (US$48.7 billion) in 2014, accounting for 28.9% of total lighting value, and will increase to JPY5.5 trillion in 2020, with the corresponding market value proportion to rise to 58%, according to Japan-based research firm Fuji Kenzai,. [View Details]
  • New Trends in LED Technology

    As LEDs have become more common, the way they are being implemented and used has evolved. For example, with LED technology a manufacturer is now able to change the shape and design of a fixture. “Lighting manufacturers can also offer the same light output in a smaller form factor while providing the same light output,” describes Blankenship. Another interesting trend taking place in regards to LED lighting is the development of dimming technology. Dimming capabilities are becoming more important to users, and the technology is following demand. “Everyone wants to be able to dim lights now. With LEDs, this has become possible and now everyone is on board and wanting to venture into the world of dimming” adds Blankenship. [View Details]
  • Is Your Home Ready for LED Lighting?

    Today's advanced LEDs are long lasting, dimmable, available in both warm and cool light colors and, of course, extremely energy efficient. [View Details]
  • New LED Desk Lamp

    New LED desk lamp with simple and elegant design express our life is simple but happy [View Details]
  • How to Find the Best Desk Lamp for Your Needs

    Of course, table lamps are mostly sought for a purpose, be it working, studying, etc. However, there are many who find buying one a separate function, i.e. the way it enhances the aesthetics of their workplace. [View Details]
  • How to Illuminate a Bedroom

    Your bedroom serves you in multiple purposes than merely being available for slumber. Whether it is the magnificent master bedroom or a smaller one, over in attic or in a yacht, your want it to be the luxurious place you can retreat to. [View Details]
  • Trade Show Lighting Strategies to Draw a Crowd

    There are plenty of ways to discourage people from approaching your trade show booth (overwhelming salespeople… underwhelming salespeople…annoying gimmicks) but how do you encourage people to come look at the product or company that you’ve worked so hard to build? When it’s you against hundreds of other companies that are all vying for attention, an eye-catching, interest-generating trade show booth has to have the right lighting strategy to draw a crowd. [View Details]

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