• Five Cool Lighting Solutions for Babyís Room

    Some things must be acknowledged. One of them is that LED tape, which comes in white, colored, color-changing, and can even be controlled with a remote, is extremely, extremely cool. With it, you could create a neat-o nighttime environment for your youngster. Riff on the idea below, using LED tape to create a halo effect around something in the room. Backlight a bookshelf. Use cove lighting, if possible. There are infinite ways to get creative with LED tape! [View Details]
  • Six Uses for Battery Operated Motion Sensor Lights

    Battery operated motion sensor lights are the perfect solution for lighting areas of your home or business that lack permanent fixtures. I say this for a few reasons. One is the installation. Installing battery powered lights is darn near effortless Ė just a few screws and NO WIRING. The best wireless motion sensor lamps also provide a surprisingly large amount of light, and the sensors help ensure that the batteries last for a long time. [View Details]
  • How to Choose between LED Strip Lights and LED Puck Lights

    You want to add some life to your kitchen, but a full-on renovation can be expensive. Upgrading or adding under cabinet lighting is one cost-effective way of dramatically improving the feel of your space. Emily has a great blog post that gives an overview of under cabinet lighting. Today, Iíll be talking specifically about LED under cabinet lights. [View Details]
  • New LED Light Bulb Mimics Sunset to Improve Sleep

    Thereís a new LED light bulb in town. And it has been designed to help you fall asleep. Hereís the premise: Before we had electric lights, we adapted our sleep patterns to the rising and setting of the sun. But these days, many of us have completely lost touch with the natural rhythms of light and darkness. We stay up until the wee hours, our faces washed in the light of a computer or tablet screen, our eyes glazed over. We wake up to alarms, feeling perpetually like we havenít gotten enough sleep. Sound familiar? [View Details]
  • What Is Smart Lighting?

    LED technology has been gaining a lot of steam over the past few years. In accordance, we have seen the prices of LED light fixtures and LED light bulbs decrease. Thrilling new projects involving OLEDs have tickled our fancies, and colossal displays of LED lighting Ė turning bridges into dragons, creating towers of kaleidoscopic light Ė have entertained us. But the most exciting developments in LED lighting fall within the realm of smart lighting. [View Details]
  • 5 LED Products You Didnít Know You Were Missing

    LED technology has come a very long way since its dim beginnings on electronic interfaces. Now, people are throwing around terms like LiFi, which refers to using LED lighting to transmit data between electronic devices. We use LED lights to heal the body and soothe the mind, to grow food and kill bacteria. While many of the coolest innovations in LED lighting are currently out of reach for normal consumers, there are many products that are very much available that may have slipped by unnoticed. Here are five cool products that you may not have heard of but are going to love. [View Details]
  • 10 Quick Tips for DIY Outdoor Lighting

    Itís incredible the way lighting can change outdoor spaces. As is the case with indoor spaces, spending comparatively little on lighting can produce dramatic results. A DIY outdoor lighting project might be just the thing to make you fall in love with your home all over again. But before you begin an outdoor lighting project, itís important to think about your options. Here are 10 tips for 10 approaches to outdoor lighting. [View Details]
  • 5 Questions To Ask Before Choosing Ceiling Lights

    If youíre thinking about a home remodel or new home project, then you have some serious decision making to do regarding your ceiling lights. Some people donít realize this, but few things make as big an impact on how your space looks and feels than lighting, especially ceiling lights. And there are many different types of ceiling lights. [View Details]
  • How To Layout Recessed Lighting in 4 Easy Steps

    If youíre using recessed lights (aka cans, high hats, pot lights, or downlights) to provide the general lighting in a room, follow these tips to create the ideal level of brightness: [View Details]
  • How to Light a Vaulted Ceiling

    Vaulted ceilings can be great assets to any building, giving rooms a much more spacious, airy feel. But all that extra space can also be a challenge to light. Whatís the best kind of lighting to use on a vaulted ceiling? Weíre glad you asked! [View Details]

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