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3 Reasons to Love Waterproof Tape Lights
2015-04-10 17:45:24



Typically electricity and water don’t play well together, but modern technology has given birth to lights that can not only get wet, but be fully submerged underwater.

Color-changing capability, energy efficiency and custom lighting effects ramp up the cool-factor even more. There’s no end to their creative applications, but I’ve found that some people are prime candidates for these innovative lights.

RGB Invisiled Color Changing Tape Lights

Innovative outdoor LED tape lights like the InvisiLED can be fully submerged in water up to 5 feet deep and offer customizable color effects with a compatible controller.

This is really important! Note that there can be vast distinctions between the different lights that are labeled “wet location lights.” A light fixture that can withstand rain may not be able to withstand full immersion. It all comes down to a vitally important specification called an Ingress Protection Rating (or IP Code). For the purposes of today’s post, we’ll be talking about lights that are IP-68 rated.

3 reasons to love waterproof LED color-changing tape lights…

1. You are a Moonlight Dipper

Mediterranean style swimming pool with purple LED lights

via Houzz

Late night swims after a hot summer day are incredibly relaxing. Late night swims with underwater color-changing LED tape lights? Magical. Installed in a pool or spa, the color and sequencing of the lights are fully customizable with an external remote. You may choose to dim them for a romantic evening plunge, or crank up the colors and speed for a midnight cannonball contest.

2. You are an Avid Angler

As much as I love an evening dip, you won’t catch me taking a late night swim in open waters when these submersible lights kick on. Underwater LED fishing lights work by initiating the food chain. Like moths to a flame, tiny plankton are attracted to the light, which attracts bait fish like minnows, which attracts game fish … and so on. Eventually you will find yourself surrounded by a swirling mass of aquatic creatures … theoretically. Either way, you can rest in the fact that your boat looks super cool.

3. You are a Seeker of Tranquility

Green tape light on garden water feature

As if having a cascading water feature in your garden isn’t heavenly enough, these underwater tape lights trail along the bubbling brook and can even be programmed to show any color on the spectrum, or rotate through them all. You may find that a slow sequence of descending colors has a hypnotic effect, perfect for meditation and reflection.

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