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Decorative LED lamp
2015-11-12 16:11:47

Decorative LED lamp

This October we announced a stylish decorative LED lamp, we call it as “vase base LED table lamp" which supply colorful night light and warm white lamp, decoration and reading light. Do you like it?

First, lovely design, vase base with good stablity when put on the desk, also nice visual effect, warm light with the lampshade around, which can avoid the dazzle caused by the direct light, you also can change the lampshade color, choose your favorite color as the best decoration for your room.

Second, useful function. Colorful light as the best decoration during your relax time, just choose your favorite color as your need, 256C for selection. When you reading, just turn on the warm white light, adjust the brightness as per your requirement.

Thirdly, easy operation. For colorful light, touch the power mark on the rainbow circle, touch any where of the rainbow circle to choose your color. For warm white light, press the button in the middle of the rainbow circle to turn on or turn off, long press to adjust the brightness, if reach your ideal brightness, then loosen the button, stepless dimming.

So do you think this decorative LED lamp is attractive for you? If you need more details, please just feel free to contact Susan at susan.yi@mayful-light.com or by Skype: mayfullight_susan, a fast and detailed information will be sent to you within very short time!

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