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Flexible LED Table Lamp with special finish
2016-09-21 10:16:36

Flexible LED Table Lamp with special finish

This new LED table lamp has several advantages:

1. Special finish for ABS plastic in brown or black color, which bring us a very different view feeling, not like the common ABS plastic, it looks like leather surface, shows the high quality feeling, but it is made of plastic

2. Flexible arm can bring you a super wide illumination angle, up or down,  left or right, just as per your choice, quite convenient.

3. Alarm clock, temperature display, you can set the alarm for your working time, reading time or study time, very freely.

4. 3 steps touch dimming, select one best level brightness for your environment by touching the silver key, very easy to operate

5. Very healthy light, no harm to your eyes, mercury free, radiation free, eco-friendly. Every body deserves to own it.

6. Energy saving, low power consumption, also long lifespan up to 35,000 hours, so it saves your electric bill and household cost bill.

Please just feel free to contact me to get details for this wonderful LED table lamp, susan.yi@mayful-light.com 

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