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Flexible LED lamp with alarm clock
2015-10-20 15:54:53

Flexible LED lamp with alarm clock

The flexible LED lamp provides powerful illumination for a desk, end table, bedside table, work bench, or other surface. Adjustable to three brightness levels with a flexible neck, this lamp is great for studying, working, writing, reading, relaxing, and more.
Adjustable neck
The neck of the Compact LED Desk Lamp can bend left and right, as well as up and down to direct light where you need it most. Tilt the lamp to different angles so you don’t disturb others.

Easy to Use
Plug the included adapter into the lamp, then into a wall outlet, and the Compact LED Desk Lamp is ready to use. Simply tap the touch-sensitive power button to turn on the lamp, then tap any of the six brightness levels to adjust brightness. Hold down the power button to turn the lamp off.

3 Levels of Brightness
Once the lamp is turned on, different brightness levels are achieved by a finger light touch on the dimming marks. The brightest level is great for high-concentration work and studying, while the dimmest setting works great as a bedside reading light.

Calendar clock
LCD display date, time, day, temperature (Centigrade/Fahrenheit for option), alarm and snooze function; sound controlled backlight for the display

Colorful night light
By touch the power mark on the colorful circle, to activate the 256C living color, touch different point of the circle, will get different color, select the best color as per your atmosphere, choose the excellent color for your mood.

Advantages of LED
LEDs contain no mercury, making them an environmentally-friendly choice. The lifespan of the lamp is over 50,000 hours, considerly longer than a typical incandescent bulb. This lamp consumes only 8 watts of power, up to 80% less than a typical fluorescent light. LEDs provide steady, flicker-free lighting that reduces eye strain.

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