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High Grade Aluminum LED Desk Lamp
2016-11-10 16:40:27

High Grade Aluminum LED Desk Lamp

High Grade Aluminum LED Desk Lamp (Flexible Arm, 5-Level Dimmer Cool White Light/Warm White Light/Natural White Light, Touch-Sensitive Controller, Glossy Silver/Bronze, 12W)

5-Level touch dimming.

Side-emitting light

Three modes for CCT

Memory for brightness and color temperature

1 hour Auto Timer.

Adjustable arm for easy directing of light.

Ultra thin lamp head and aluminum metal rod, visually elegant.

High quality LEDs Smooth and uniform lighting, no ghosting, no glaring.

High Quality LED

LEDs are vision friendly and not prone to flickering. With a long lifespan, you have the perfect light for the next 15 years.


Adjustable Angle and Height

Standing at 15-inch tall, with a 180 degree vertically adjustable lamp head, the lamp is ideal for lighting up areas of your workplace, providing efficient lighting wherever you want.


Sixty-Minute Timer

For people who fall asleep during reading, simply tap on the timer button, the lamp will turn off automatically after 60 minutes.

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