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High end LED Desk Lamp
2017-03-30 10:41:41

High end LED Desk Lamp

1. Aluminum Alloy Cooling LED Desk Lamp:
Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy construction acts as passive heat sink, protect and prolong LED lifespan

2.USB Port Charging Modes:
Keep Your Device Charging: USB port conveniently charge your devices, compatible with most smart phones and USB e-readers on the market

3. 30-Second Auto Timer:  
Automatically turns-off in 30 seconds while in any mode of operation.  

4. Two Dimming Modes:  
You can touch the bar by sliding to get stepless dimming brightness or touch the bar dot by dot to get 7 steps dimming brightness.  

5. Lighting Modes: 
①Study mode(6000K):  
It stimulates concentration and reduces eye strain with the choice of mid-range color temperature. 

③Relax mode(4500k):  
Promotes relaxation along with the improved mood and the choice of low-range color temperature.  

④Sleep mode(3000k):  
Encourage a deep sleep with the comfort of soft light. 

For more details, please just feel free to contact us: susan.yi@mayful-light.com or visit our website: www.mayful-light.com

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