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Hot Sale High-grade Aluminum LED Desk Lamp
2015-12-01 09:31:40

Hot Sale High-grade Aluminum LED Desk Lamp
This is a hot sale high grade LED table lamp made of pure aluminum alloy with perfect treatment, concise and generous design. The treatment methods including polishing, sandblasting and anodizing oxidation with golden and silver for option. And the light is no flicker, no infrared or UV, eco friendly, very suitable as table lamp, desk lamp, study lamp, reading lamp, etc.
Simple but elegant beauty
Built using light and durable super thin aluminum alloy, the Desk Lamp is elegant and stylish. On the study desk, in your bedroom, or even in the office, casual or professional, it will naturally blend into the scene, and provide pleasant and comfortable lighting.
Vision Friendly
Unlike traditional incandescent light, the new generation desk lamp emits a flicker-free light that best resembles natural daylight. This means less fatigue for your eyes and longer working / reading / studying hours without damaging your eye sight. 
This new generation eco-friendly LED desk lamp cost 80% less energy than traditional incandescent lamp for maintaining the same level of brightness, so you have smaller power bill to pay and our planet gets fewer carbon dioxide. Its LED bulb has lifespan of over 25 years; you can forget about investing in a new bulb or light for many years to come. 
3 lighting modes: 
Reading Mode 
Stimulates concentration and reduces eye strain with the choice of high-range color temperature.
Relaxing Mode 
Promotes relaxation along with improved mood with the choice of mid-range color temperature.
Bedtime Mode 
Encourages a deep sleep comfortable with choice of low-range temperature.
Stepless Brightness adjustment
Once the lamp is turned on, different brightness levels are achieved by a finger slide on the dimming marks. The brightest level is great for high-concentration work and studying, while the dimmest setting works great as a bedside night light.
So, if you like it and you need it, please don't hesitate to contact Susan, who will reply you within 24 hours, skype: mayfullight_susan, email: susan.yi@mayful-light.com 

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