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How to Choose a Desk Lamp
2015-04-14 17:15:36



The best desk lamp is one that complements your space and adds valuable lighting to your project area at the same time. Important features like flexibility, light-source and design can all guide you in how to choose your task lighting.





First Things First, Let’s Talk About Purpose





Take a look at your desk and ask yourself, "What kinds of things will I be doing here?" Different tasks will often have different lighting requirements. As a general rule of thumb, computer work is most comfortable with indirect lighting to minimize glare and reduce contrast between the monitor light and the desk light. Arts & crafts with a lot of precise detail work benefit from a bright LED light source that can be focused on the task at hand.










Now that you've figured out how your light will function, how much room do you have available for a lamp? If desk real estate is at a premium, you will want to play close attention to the size of the desk lamp that you choose and make sure the base diameter fits within those dimensions.





Spotlight on Style





With all of the functional requirements out of the way you are free to focus on trends and styles. Choose your colors and finishes so that they reflect your personal style. Modern chrome finishes and straight lines lend themselves to a clean, minimal design while oil-rubbed bronze and distressed finishes draw on a vintage charm.


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