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Innovative LED Desk Lamp
2015-01-09 09:18:39

Innovative LED Desk Lamp

Desk lamp is the ultimate combination of quality, style, and convenience. With multiple color temperature settings and dimming levels it allows you to dial in just the right light to suit the task at hand. While the built in USB charging port allows you to keep all of your portable devices charged and at the ready.

Convenient Built in USB Charging Port

Competitor’s lamps or your computer’s USB ports which only charge at .5 or 1 Amp. Our built in USB port supports up to 2.1 Amp power which will charge your latest mobile devices at the speed they were intended be charged at. No more waiting for that slow port on your computer!

Adjustable Color Temperature

Allows you to tailor the light output to your optimum working conditions. 3000K - Warm Soothing Light for reading and relaxing. 4000K - Crisp Full Spectrum Daylight for those long days on the job. 5000K - Cool Bright White for tasks demanding focus and fine detail.

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