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LED 10W Side Light Table Lamp
2015-03-01 11:00:43

LED 10W Side Light Table Lamp

We are very pleased to introduce a new LED 10W side light table lamp with touch dimmer to
every user.

It is made of ABS and rubber, rubber pole can provide wide lighting range, any angle as you
want,flexible, free angle adjustable, up-down and left-right adjustable freely. White color is the
best elegant color, most popular. This item use side light source which you cant see the LED
beams, no dazzling, more uniform and soft light, more better for your eyes. Touch dimmer
with 5 grade brightness to meet your different lighting levels. Energy saving up to 80%,
economical! Whats the most surprising, the unit has two USB output ports to charge your
mobile, mp3, camera or other DC5V electronic devices.

You are welcome to enjoy our new LED side light table lamp, early inquiry, better price. Please
t hesitate to contact us for more details: susan.yi@mayful-light.com!

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