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LED lamp Heat dissipation
2014-12-10 15:29:47

LED lamp Heat dissipation

We know LED table lamps with natural light, no flash, no radiation, no light pollution, protect our children’s eyes. But if LED table lamps without good heat dissipation effect, the lifespan will be short, we have to replace it soon. So first let’s make clear that why heat dissipation is so important for LED lamp. Because during LED giving out light process, it will produce heat, while LED is a kind of high-tech and exquisite product, can’t endure high temperature, if the heat dissipation effect is bad, it will cause luminance decrease very quick, then shorten LED lifespan terribly. So when we buy LED table lamp, we have to select the ones with good heat dissipation effect, to ensure long lifespan and save money!

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