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More 8 tips for purchasing LED lighting fixtures
2015-01-19 11:27:11

More 8 tips for purchasing LED lighting fixtures

We would like to supply consumers more tips for purchasing LED lighting fixtures:

1. Brightness: the higher lumens, then the higher luminous flux, then more brighter.
2. Wave length, the same wave length, the color will keep same
3. Color temperature: yellow light with color temperature below 3300K, cool light with color temperature over 5300K, the nature white with color temperature between 3300K and 5300K. You should choose the color temperature as per your demands and the environment.
4. Leakage current: LED is the one-way conductive lights, if with reverse current, it has leakage current. If with big leakage current, the lifespan will be decreased much.
5. Anti-static electricity capacity: the stronger anti-static electricity capacity, the longer lifespan, while the cost will be higher.
6. Lifespan: lifespan is controlled by luminance decrease, the smaller luminance decrease, the longer lifespan.
7. Design: different design is suitable for different usage, the reliability design for LED includes: electric safety, fire safety, applicable environment safety, machinery safety, healthy and safety, safe use of time, and other factors.
8. Energy labeling: it is to provide consumers with information such as energy consumption and efficiency, then consumers can order high efficient LED lighting fixtures.


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