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New Swan Flexible LED Table Lamp
2015-07-30 17:33:03

New Swan Flexible LED Table Lamp

The Swan LED Table Lamp is a dimmable fitting for interior decoration. Using the very latest LED technology for the desk lamps, this fitting offers you the opportunity to use energy saving technologies with the dimming of the light by pressing a certain finger-like spot on the lower part of the fitting.

With rounded corners and fully flexible / adjustable as needed, this swan-shaped table lamp is a contemporary fitting ideal as a desk lamp, study lamp, office desk light, bedside lamp, table light, etc. You can rotate the lamp and adjust it up / down / left / right as needed. The lamp neck - the "swan neck" is of rubber outer construction allowing you to set it in whichever direction and position you desire.

This special fitting also supply 3 lighting modes:
Reading Mode
Stimulates concentration and reduces eye strain with the choice of high-range color temperature.
Relaxing Mode
Promotes relaxation along with improved mood with the choice of mid-range color temperature.
Bedtime Mode
Encourages a deep sleep comfortable with choice of low-range temperature.

Finally, this wonderful fitting has the USB recharging port, can charge for mobile, mp3 or other DC 5V electronic devices

This particular fitting comes in a white finish - white Swan 7W LED table lamp.

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