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New Trends in LED Technology
2015-03-25 10:54:43

As LEDs have become more common, the way they are being implemented and used has evolved. For example, with LED technology a manufacturer is now able to change the shape and design of a fixture. “Lighting manufacturers can also offer the same light output in a smaller form factor while providing the same light output,” describes Blankenship. 
Another interesting trend taking place in regards to LED lighting is the development of dimming technology. Dimming capabilities are becoming more important to users, and the technology is following demand. “Everyone wants to be able to dim lights now. With LEDs, this has become possible and now everyone is on board and wanting to venture into the world of dimming” adds Blankenship. 

A final trend taking place in the world of LED lighting is affordability. In the past LED lights were significantly more expensive than traditional lights, so making the switch could be daunting. But now it is becoming much more affordable to choose LED lights. In fact, companies can even lease them. Patrick J. Clouden, CEOP and Co-founder of Commercial Energy Solutions, Inc. is a huge proponent of the idea.

Clouden explains, “There is financing available and there are companies that have realized that this equipment is good. As long as a buyer has good credit they can qualify to lease a LED lighting program. By doing that a company can cut up to 30 to 50 percent off of their lighting bill. It’s changing the status quo.” 

LED lighting is the way of the future according to Clouden, and he couldn’t be more right. LEDs provide a lighting resource for manufacturer’s that is not only more efficient, but it reduces downtime, maintenance costs, increase reliability, improves work environments and is more eco-friendly. It is the logical lighting choice, and it is getting even more foolproof with new technologies that make them more attractive to consumers and programs to make them affordable. It is like Clouden says, “People are going to have an ‘AH HA’ moment when they realize the benefits of LED lighting.” 

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