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Five Cool Lighting Solutions for Baby’s Room
2015-03-07 11:33:00

1. Use the Coolest Lighting Invention Ever: LED Tape!

Some things must be acknowledged. One of them is that LED tape, which comes in white, colored, color-changing, and can even be controlled with a remote, is extremely, extremely cool. With it, you could create a neat-o nighttime environment for your youngster. Riff on the idea below, using LED tape to create a halo effect around something in the room. Backlight a bookshelf. Use cove lighting, if possible. There are infinite ways to get creative with LED tape!


LED tape transforms rooms.

2. Write Baby’s Name in LED Rope.

A few weeks ago, Emily wrote a great post about some easy and thrilling LED rope projects for home. Applying Emily’s word art suggestion to a baby’s room project is easy for me: My son’s name is Leo – very easy to craft in cursive with a single length of LED rope. If your baby’s name isn’t Agamemnon – or heck, even if it is! – consider using LED rope to personalize your baby’s room in this really smart and fun way.


3. Use an In-Wall Night Light

Instead of that old incandescent night light just begging to be pulled out of the wall by your young one’s inquisitive hands, consider a safer and greener alternative. LED night lights will safen and cozy-up baby’s room in elegant and energy-smart fashion.


4. Get Creative with Battery Operated Mini LED GuideLights

These little guys can be stuck anywhere – along stairwells, baseboards, or even on cribs. They will provide enough light to make things much safer without being too bright, and the adhesive backs are reusable – just wipe with a damp cloth and they are ready for any location you choose.

5. Go All Out with Fiber Optics

Brian d’Arcy of Philadelphia doesn’t play around when it comes to the lighting in his son’s nursery. Before baby d’Arcy was born, his expecting dad spent forty hours installing a fiber optic starry sky kit that would twinkle above every night. Now that’s love.


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