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Gooseneck dimmable LED desk lamp

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Gooseneck dimmable LED desk lamp

Product Abstract:

Flexible LED Desk Lamp Touch Sensor Adjustable Brightness

Product Description

Gooseneck dimmable LED desk lamp functions:

* Streamlined silica gel lamp arm, artistic and practical, high brightness, no strobe
* Flat disc base with built-in red, green, blue LED light to make the colorful living color light effect
* 256c living color light with manual control or auto changing
* Touch the color bar on the base to change the color of the living color light
* Flexible goose neck lamp arm can light for different angle as your requirements
* 3-level brightness touch dimmer
* With on/off touch key
* Patent No.: 201430361703.8

Gooseneck dimmable LED desk lamp features:

The light source adopts high power LED that with low energy consumption and high efficiency. Power: 5W.
◎environmental protection:
There is no pollution, ultraviolet, infrared and thermal radiation.
◎eye health:
Low-voltage constant current power supply, no flicker, no glare, wide area illumination, brightness uniformity, good visual effect. Truly make a luminous, soft, smooth, and continuous, close to natural light which is truly the ideal source.
LED lamp life is up to 50,000 hours. Use metal structures which metal texture is strong, durable.
◎sufficient illumination:
In the site from a desktop lamp emitting 350-400mm conditions, the desktop luminance can reach more than 350lx.

Gooseneck dimmable LED desk lamp details:

*Power: 5W max
*Luminous flux: 230lm
*Color temperature: warm white3000-4000k;nature white:5500-6500k;cool white:6500-7500k
* Product size: 167x167x460mm
*Accessories:5V adapter*
* Color available: white and black

Gooseneck dimmable LED desk lamp applications:
Ideal as table lamp, desk lamp, study lamp, reading lamp, night light, etc.

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