• Now lamps to monitor crowd

    MULTIFUNCTIONAL street lamps with LED lights, cameras, digital screens, which can calculate the number of visitors in an area and send out warning messages, will be put up at popular tourist sites. [View Details]
  • The Blue Table Lamp Decoration Choice

    Blue color in the room can be considered as fresh kind of tone theme choice for the decoration. It will be a good choice to be combined with many kinds of soft color like white or grey, to bring special kind of minimalist atmosphere in the house. The specific kind of color choice with blue composition will also be a perfect thing when you want to create any simple and modern house concept. In the other side, the existence of blue table lamp idea inside it will also be a perfect completion. [View Details]
  • The Benefits of Battery Powered Table Lamps

    Table lamps nowadays have many features that you can use optimally in your house. Forget the lamp with cords that will not help you anything when the electricity comes down, there are now battery powered table lamps that you can use and give you benefits from the features it has. The battery powered lamp has been around on the furniture technology for quite some time. Not only the battery that will give you awesome feature, there are also some other feature that give you not just an ordinary lamp tech. [View Details]
  • Colorful Battery Operated Table Lamps for Bedroom

    Make your home better than yesterday with battery operated table lamps! Today you have big chance to update the lighting in your house especially bedroom edition. It can be imagined what amazing place for relaxing in the bedroom while the nuance of the light is supporting to let the stress away because of the beautiful color. Besides, these new brands of lighting are designed based on the battery usage that you just recharge the light whenever it will be used at night time. [View Details]
  • The Cool Desk Lamps Design and Ideas

    Take special kind of creativity to be put in the room decoration idea can really be categorized as right step in the whole process. No matter what, you need to prepare and complete all the room specification with right choice of item. In more detail, the cool desk lamps idea can also be one of good choice in your plan, especially when you can set it based on your basic creativity, and then get the best kind of satisfaction. [View Details]
  • battery powered lamps in table lamps

    If you want to have a table lamp that can help you in night reading or writing, then the LED battery powered table lamps are just perfect for you. Not only controllable, the LED bulbs are also environmental friendly as it use less energy and have longer life span. There are also LED table lamps that have adjustable neck so that you can focus the light to the spot where you need it. [View Details]
  • How To Install Recessed Lights In A Drop Ceiling

    A drop ceiling is a very common feature in offices, basements, theaters, and schools. It’s made from a metal grid and “tiles” or “panels” hung below the structural ceiling. Also known as a secondary ceiling, suspended ceiling, T-bar ceiling, or false ceiling, it most often conceals air ducts or pipes for a clean look in a previously unfinished area. Often, these ceilings feature recessed can lights – a sleek option to illuminate a space without diminishing any headroom. [View Details]
  • Low Power LED Lighting Trends

    This is the first part of Fairchild Semiconductor's five part blog series that will examine LED lighting trends and Fairchild solutions. LED lighting applications fall into three basic input power levels: low-power is less than or up to 20 Watts; mid-power is between 20 Watts and 50 Watts; and high-power is above 50 watts. In the real-world, applications do not always fit nicely in these three buckets, but these power levels align when considering LED driver solutions. [View Details]
  • 5 Ways To Choose An LED Light Bulb

    LEDs are at the forefront of light industry discussion because they are such a gamechanger when it comes to energy efficiency and lifespan. But how do recent developments to LED technology affect the everyday consumer? What’s the simplest way to navigate this uncharted territory when shopping for LED light bulbs? The very recent availability of an LED replacement for the common household incandescent lamp has created a world of new potential, and along with it a whole new set of standards. In this post, we will be discussing the various ways to distinguish between the different LED options. [View Details]
  • Brighten Your Business and Cut Down Your Energy Costs

    Let’s face it; while working for yourself can be an amazing experience, owning your own business can come with a ton of unsightly costs you may not have been anticipating. One of those may be energy costs for lighting and illuminating your building. This day and age, lighting can account for up to 35% of a business’s energy costs which can be a huge impact on your profit. So what are some ways you can help cut down on this expensive expenditure? [View Details]

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